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    Text edit area appears as inactive/text box is invisible - help?

    Tante Dorfus

      I'm having this strange issue with the Photoshop type tool in Photoshop CS5. It might be, although I'm not sure, a bug. The tool itself is working and lets me add text and edit it as I please. But the box that shows up when editing text (and the blinking line that shows where I am in the text) - has gone invisible. I am having this issue in only one document. - I tested the type tool on other documents, and everything was normal. I've looked up shotcuts and hotkeys to check if I've tapped a key or something, but it doesn't appear to be so.


      Now about the document; it does have quite the amount of text layers, and a lot of text in them.

      I've tried resetting the type tool, and I've restarted the program.


      When I restart the program, the tool works as it's supposed to - but after editing or adding a new text layer, the editing area is gone again! Is this a bug, or have I touched keys that do odd things?

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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          It's reasonable to suspect having done something odd, since there are SO many things that can affect what you see on the screen.


          However, if you're seeing different behavior at different times with doing the exact same things on the same layers then you may well have triggered some kind of bug.


          The stock advice is to check to ensure your display driver on your system is updated.  On PCs that involved visiting the web site of the maker of your video card and seeking their download for the driver to match your hardware and OS.  On Macs one has to ensure the system is fully up to date from Apple.



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