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    Lost project


      I was in the middle of doing a project when my PC stated that Premier Elements had stopped responding and needed to be shut down.


      When I started premier again my project name was there, but the contents were not. The project has been running for most of the day and has periodically saved. I have also closed premier down, opened it up again and carried on from where I left off. Is there any chance of recovering this project?


      I would be gratful of any help.


      Kind regards,



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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What about an earlier, auto saved project?

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            Mark3807054 Level 1

            Fantastic. That did the job!

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Great news.


              Remember, AutoSave files are FIFO (Frst In - First Out), and there are set numbers of AutoSaves, set in Edit>Preferences, with 5 being the default. What this means is that AutoSave 3 might be newer than AutoSave 5, depending on when the AutoSave was implemented. I always recommend that one change Windows Explorer (not sure how it would be in Mac's Finder) to Detail View, and study the Time/Date of those AutoSave files, choosing the last one created, regardless of what its AutoSave "number" is.


              Good luck, and glad that John T. got you up and editing. I also recommend one use Save_As, when doing major edits, to allow one to go back, to previous versions, and then, they will also have the AutoSaves for each Project version - more safety nets.