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    Aspect Ratio problems


      Hi All

      I am new to forums, hence the weird name, I couldnt't find a name that wasn't in use.  I am a new user of Adobe Premier Elements 10 and I am trying to compile a collection of video clips into one movie, to burn onto a DVD.  They are from various sources so some are already in 16:9 others are in 4:3 aspect ratio's.  When I start a new project in Elements 10 I select PAL widescreen 16:9, I then open all my clips, as I drag the first one down to the TimeLine a message appears telling me my "clips do not match my project settings do I want to change the settings"   I have tried both 'yes' and then I tried 'no' on this option and on both occasions I ended up with similar problems.  Some of my clips are smaller than the screen and centred in the middle resulting in black bars both top and bottom,  I expected to have bars either at the top/bottom for the 16:9's or at the sides on the 4:3's any ideas how I can resolve this issue will be greatly received.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          What model of camcorder is your video coming from and what format and resolution is it?

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            AnnieMaca Level 1

            Hi Steve




            Thank you so much for the prompt respose.  I am not importing from a camcorder, I have a HDD/DVD burner attached to my TV and I have recorded some concert footage shown by Sky I have copied the clips onto a DVD and have taken that to the pc and have uploaded it to my pc hard drive as mpg’s.  Trouble is some of the footage is in 4:3 format, because of it’s age I guess, the others are more up to date are 16:9 all have been uploaded from recorded DVD’s.  In case you need to know I am running Windows XP SP3.




            Oh and my name is Annie, I tried for about 10 minutes to find a variation of it for the forum but all were in use, so for ease I chose random letters, I will adjust this at some point.




            Look forward to hearing from you, thanks again.





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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              So it sounds as though you are not only trying to edit hi-def video (despite having your project set up for standard def DV) but you are also working from non-camcorder footage.


              I don't know enough about the device you are getting your video from the suggest solutions. But, since your footage is coming from a non-traditional camcorder source, it is likely going to mean you'll need to do a lot of tweaking and possibly resizing your video manually in order to get it to work.


              There are no automatic fixes for your workflow, Annie. Sorry. This program is a consumer program designed to edit video from camcorders. Video from other sources can be iffier.


              If you're working with regular DVD footage, you MAY be able to get to work by:

              1) Setting  up a project using the Hard Disk Camcorder project settings, standard definition widescreen.

              2) Putting the DVD in your computer's disc drive and using Premiere Elements' Get Media/From DVD Camcorder or PC DVD Drive tool to get the video from the disc into your project.

              3) If, when you put the clips on your timeline they seem distorted and do not fill the video frame, you'll need to manually right-click on each clip and select Interpret Footage to make the video appear as widescreen.