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    Cannot burn/render to DVD or Folder or Digital tape

    Mike Manooch Level 1

      Using Premiere Elements 10.  Window 7 Professional / 64 bit, Core I7-2600K, 8 GB RAM, AMD 6870 Video Card, Soundblaster Audigy 2ZS, Separate 1 TB hard drive for video storage, Western Digital 150GB 10,000 RPM OS drive.   In short, I have some firepower.


      Problem:  When I try to render a 39 minute video -- to DVD, to folder or digital tape -- the process runs through encoding the menus/media, it finishes with the message "Burn Completed" but the various media contain nothing.  The DVD is blank, the folder it is supposed to create does not exist, and the tape is blank.  I refuse to believe that both the digital tape and my two different DVD burners are all faulty.


      After encountering the problem stated above, I searched the forums and tried several of the suggestions such as:

      1.  I deleted the preferences file. 

      2.  Updated all drivers (video, sound, chipset).  I then tried again to burn to media.

      3.  After that did not resolve the issue, I uninstalled, the reinstalled the software (making sure I used Disc 2 for Windows 7 64 bit). 

      4.  After that did not resolve the issue, I tried running Adobe Premiere as "Run as administrator".  Still, the end result is the same.  I get a message that says "Burn Completed" yet, nothing is burned to the disc, or if I burn to a folder, nothing shows up in the target location.  I even tried to output to digital video tape -- the recorder is activated as expected, records the entire project and the end result is a blank tape.


      Where do I go from here?  To Sony or Corel or Avid :-)    I'm a long-time Adobe user starting with V2 of PE, all the way through V10.  This is quite frustrating.


      Some other notes -- I don't believe I have a 'conflicting program' issue such as a DVD burner program like Nero.  The computer I am using is strictly for video editing purposes only and therefore doesn't contain any other package software.  Further, the video files are downloaded from a Sony DV camcorder which is DV-AVI.


      Thanks for any assistance.