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    InDesign CS4 crashing upon startup after migration to new iMac

    Mary Burr



      I recently used Migration Assistant to move the contents of my old iMac that was running OS X 10.5.8 to my new iMac that is currently running OS X 10.7.3.  Unfortunately, everytime I attempt to start up InDesign CS4, it crashes without giving me an error message. I previously could not start up Illustrator CS4 on this new iMac and I received this error message:


      "Fatal error - missing component /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Adobe Version Cue CS4/Client 4.0.0/VersionCue.framework"


      and I was able to transfer the folder Client 4.0.0 to my new iMac and get Illustrator CS4 up and running.


      What can I do to get InDesign running on my new iMac?