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    How to apply menu

    DerekWRBC Level 1

      I am trying to attach a menu to my completed video so when I burn to a DVD it begins with the menu, not playing until you click Play. Following the instructions I have placed an image on the menu and added a title but when I click "Apply" nothing happens. Any clue as to what I might be doing wrong?


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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          It's not clear exactly what you're doing, Derek. You say you've added a title and image as a menu -- but then you say you can't get Apply to work? Saying you were "following the instructions" doesn't tell us much, since we don't know which instructions you've followed and what exact steps you've taken.


          Have you gone to the Disc Menu tab, selected a menu template and clicked Apply?

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            DerekWRBC Level 1

            By following instructions I meant the online Adobe manual. Yes, I went to the Disc Menu Tab, selected a menu template and clicked apply. I can get an image into the box in the middle but I canot for the life of me change the BACKGROUND, which is what I want to do. "Menu background" on the disc menus does not, it seems to me, apply to the background at all. Adobe really need to tighten up the instructions I feel; you follow them exactly and it doesn't work. It is assuming you know something that I clearly don't! Hopefully when I get your book, Steve, it will explain all.

            So, to summarize what I am trying to do:

            Add a menu to the beginning of my video; only needs a play button as there are no scenes required (only eight minutes long). I have a disc menu applied; it has a title, which I can change, and a box into which I can get an image, but I want to change the background, and I can't; I also need to be able to get it to "apply" or whatever, that is, be added to the front of the video. The apply button doesn't seem to work at this stage. Thanks for your help, I'm sure I'm just being dumb!

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              I hope the book explains it all too, Derek! Thanks for ordering a copy!


              Meantime, it sounds as though you have successfully applied a DVD template in the Disc Layout workspace -- you just can't replace the background.


              One thing to note is that some templates have graphics on a layer over the background, so that your replacement background is hidden behind these graphics.


              Have you tried more than one DVD template?

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                DerekWRBC Level 1

                I only have one template, I didn't download others because they weren't what I wanted. I have the Play screen the way I want it but cannot get the program to save/implement it. Clicking on Done just gets reid of the Disc Menus. WHat do I have to do to get my start screen in the front of the video? It is totally beyond me why this isn't very simple and straightforward yet I have hit some sort of roadblock. Thanks.

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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  Please try a couple of different menu templates -- otherwise we cant' troubleshoot your problem.


                  We need to find out if this problem is unique to the template you're using.


                  A screen capture of your Disc Layout page (with the background of  your template selected) would also be very helpful.