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    How do I save image and text as a single image in InDesign CS5.0?


      How do I save an image and text as one image in InDesign CS5.0? NOT 5.5.

      I need to save the image as a 72-dpi, jpg file for ePub purposes. I designed a book and am handing it off to someone for ePub.


      This is what I've tried:


      1) Copied from InDesign, pasted into a PhotoShop doc as a Smart Object. Saved it as 72 dpi jpg, then imported back into ID.


      2) Took a screenshot of ID page, placed it in PS, saved as 72 dpi, imported into ID


      3) Saved page as a PDF from InDesign, then saved PDF as 72 dpi jpg, then imported into ID.


      4) Save page as a PDF from InDesign, placed into Photoshop and saved

      as 72 dpi, then imported into ID.


      5) Saved as an EPS from InDesign, placed in PS, then imported back to ID.


      In all cases, the type looks terrible. It doesn't seem to matter whether I copy or place into Photoshop, though placing is slightly better.