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    Validating subforms


      Hi all,

      I'm a Livecycle/adobe newbie who is completely script illiterate.  I have created a form in Livecycle which has two sections.  Section 1 is completed by person 1 and then emailed to person 2.  Person 2 assigns the case to person 3 and forwards the emailed form to them.  Person 3 completes section 2 of the form and then emails back to person 2.  This is probably as clear as mud but that's the way it's meant to run. 

      Before person 1 emails the form I want to check that they have completed certain fields (not what they have entered, just that the field has been filled).  If I use the object palette to set the value of fields in the form to "required" the validation that runs on clicking the email submit button in section 1 looks at all the fields in the form (section1 and section2) rather than just the fields the user needs to complete.  Am I able to tailor this so that the validation only looks at a particular sub-form? 

      Apologies for the garbled question and thanks for your help.


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          snlego Level 1

          Ok so here's an update and another question:

          I have created a basic form to work on and try and resolve this issue.  It has one field in one subform and two buttons.  The script I am using on the click event of button 1 is as follows:


          if (form1.textField1.rawvalue==null) then

          xfa.host.messageBox("you must fill this field")


          form1.access = "readOnly";





          Button 2 is an email submit button.


          This seems to do what I want but my actual form has lots of fields in multiple subforms.  Is there a way to amend the above - or write something totally new - so that I don't have to go through and write up all the fields I want checked into the script?