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    Multi-media Files

      RoboHelp HTML X5.0.1, Build 606

      I'm trying to include an instructional video clip to a CHM file. I've added an .MPG file and when I view it in design mode it works but after I compile it, it keeps saying it cannot find the file. When I make a copy of the .MPG file to the same place as the CHM file it works. What's going on? I thought when using a CHM file everything is compiled into one file.

      Does this mean that when I distribute the CHM file, I would also have to include all the video clips?
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          Pete Lees Level 2
          Hi, DD71,

          If you're using a Media Player <object> control to embed the video in your help topic then I don't believe this will work when compiled into a .chm file. See this article for more information and workarounds:


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            This might be as simple as including your .mpg file as a baggage file in your .chm. You say it works when it is external, so it seems like it is OK, except that it isn't getting compiled into your .chm.

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              Pete Lees Level 2
              Hi, John,

              In my testing, an MPG file doesn't play when added to the baggage and compiled into the help file, but it does play when it is external to and stored in the same directory as the help file. This is in spite of the fact that the link to the MPG file is specified using a relative path. Which is rather odd because, as we know, links to external files must normally be specified using an absolute path.

              So, this is OK when the help file is launched from Windows Explorer, but not so good if the help file is opened programmatically. In that case, the application could potentially change the current directory and so break any relative links to external files, as explained here:


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                DD71 Level 1
                I've tried it both ways, one as external and also added to the baggage. They both works just not compiled.

                Is this a bug in RoboHelp or just the way it was originally designed. If it is a bug, is there a patch or a work around without having the MPG external?
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                  Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                  Hi DickDastardly

                  Not a bug with RoboHelp. More of a limitation of the HTML Help engine and the way it handles this type of content. It's a Microsoft thing.

                  Cheers... Rick
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                    For what it is worth,

                    I have an old CHM (that still works) in which I embedded MPG as an image. e.g. <IMG WIDTH="240" HEIGHT="240" DYNSRC="filename.mpe" START="fileopen"> I think this was deprecated in favor of OBJECT tags some time ago, but it seems to still work. These clips were all in their own topic because they run without controls as soon as the topic is open.