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    Need coding help for returning values


      Although this is a sad testament to my programming skills, I have little shame since I only do this kind of thing perhaps once every two or three years. I’m using FormCalc (mainly b/c I’m still learning Javascript and this form had already been written in FormCalc), but my hope is that the similarity between the languages will get me an answer in this forum.



      Here is the problem:


      I have three text fields (Textfield1, Textfield2, Textfield3).

      I created three variables (var1, var2, var3) and initialized them to 0.



      In order to determine how many of the fields contain data, I used if/then/else statements:



      if (Textfield1.rawValue == “”) then

         var1 =0






      Textfield2 and Textfield3 have similar statements (using variables var2 and var3 respectively).



      To test the code, I have a message box returning the sum of var1 + var2 + var3. With NOTHING entered into any of the text fields, I would expect it to return a sum of 0, but it returns a sum of 3! If I enter data into just one or two of the fields, again it returns a value of 3!



      I’ve tried initializing the value of the Textfields (Textfield1.rawValue=””), but I still keep getting a value of 3.



      It's probably a simple programming error, but again I'm not a developer. Any help would be appreciated.

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          gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          First this is forum for Adobe Acrobat JavaScript and not LIveCycle Designer. Adobe Acrobat does not use the FormCalc language. There are a separate series of forums for LiveCycle Designer.


          Are you getting any errors when you use preview?

          Are you getting any errors in the Acrobat JavaScript console in Preview or when you open the form in Acrobat?

          You can not use the smart quotation marks of Word in FormCalc or JavaScript.


          You could also use the 'null' object in FormCalc.