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    How to remove an object from an article

    AAA.Janssen Level 1

      Hi all,


      newbie here, sorry. I searched this forum for an answer, but I couldn't find it. So here it is....


      I created a folio with 3 articles. After changing something I always update the article. But sometimes it will upload not only all objects from that article to the digital publishing site, but also objects (files) that are in/from another article. In my case I used a video in article 1, I changed something in article 3 and I updated article 3 to my folio. When uploading object (files) for article 3, I spotted the video I used in article 1!! This video doesn't belong in article 3, I don't use it there. But it will enlarge article 3 quite a bit and with this my entire folio will become much larger, which is completely unnecessary!


      Is there any way to delete parts(/objects/files) from an article that are not really used in the article? Without affecting the rest of the (working) article of course....


      Any help would be appreciated!



      Ton Janssen