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    AdvertisementPlugin StageVideo rendering issue in OSMF 2.0




      When using the AdvertisementPlugin provided in the samples with OSMF 2.0 and StageVideo enabled the featured content isn't rendered to the screen 9/10 attempts.


      The preroll will correctly play however the featured content is only heard but not seen. The next video in the lineup is then played correctly.


      The AdvertisementPlugin uses a second MediaPlayer to play the adverts. When a video requiring a Preroll begins it pauses the feature content, removes its mediaElement from the mediaContainer, creates a new AdMediaPlayer and adds the Preroll's mediaElement to the mediaContainer then begins playback. When the Preroll finishes it removes the advert mediaElement from the mediaContainer and restores the feature content's mediaElement back into the mediaContainer and resumes playback.


      My Issue is that when using StageVideo the feature content is not rendered to the screen 9/10 attempts. The video is heard but not seen. This doesn't occur if you disable StageVideo.


      I can't seem to replicate this using the AdvertisementPluginSample alone so clearly there are other influencing factors with how I have setup my player but I'm unable to figure out the exact correlation.


      Does anyone know any workarounds to this situation? (Other than disabling StageVideo).





      For you reference here is the AdvertisementPlugin

      http://sourceforge.net/adobe/osmf/svn/2497/tree/osmf/trunk/samples/AdvertisementPlugin/src /org/osmf/advertisementplugin/AdvertisementPluginInfo.as?force=True


      And the AdvertismentPluginSample

      http://sourceforge.net/adobe/osmf/svn/2497/tree/osmf/trunk/samples/AdvertisementSample/src /AdvertisementPluginSample.as?force=True