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    Lost connections after Time Machine transfer

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      I recently bought a new 27” Quad Core mac and transferred my data from my old 24” mac using Time Machine right after I upgraded it to Lion. A bad move I later found out. Now I’ve both lost all my LR4 connections and have discovered about 400 Gigabytes of duplicate images split somewhere between my internal and external drives. The ubiquitous “?” has shown up on all of my 15,000 images as one would expect under these circumstances. Over the many years I subscribed to the explanation of frequent forum advisor, DJ Paige, about the lack of need to worry about being fastidious with your storage folders because, as he advised, and I agreed, there are better ways to keep track of images in LR than that out-of-date method when Keywording, collections, filters, etc., were available. I now will have to pay the piper. With an average of 150 plus shoots a year over 6 years, I have around 1000+ separate folders in various locations that will need reconnection. I’ve done about 200 of the most recent of these over the last day or so and could continue for the next week if I wished, but thought I might come to this forum and ask if anyone has any better thoughts. Here are a few that I might try: go through all my old folders in their storage locations and combine the images into one folder. That will allow a connection of all with one effort. Unfortunately, the way the files are scattered and the Mac moves them around when the files are removed, takes longer than just reconnecting would. Another option is to start moving them around in the LR folders and then reconnect them. This will make them look neater but won’t make them much easier to connect. With all the other problems with this move like trying to learn a new operating system, reparking my web site since mobile.me is shutting down, finding a new video connector, and trying to locate all the duplicates to remove them, I am more than open to suggestions. I am hoping one of you will tell me that I’ve missed a really easy way to do this and here’s how, or maybe just some suggestions to make things move a little faster. Thanks in advance.  

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              Jim Wilde Adobe Community Professional

              We might be able to help more if we could see a screenshot of the Folders panel in the Lightroom Library Module.


              Also need confirmation that the folder structure on the new system is the samne as it was on the old.

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                I fixed this problem about 2 minutes before wiping the computer clean and reimporting all the images. My solution came when I noticed that my prime folder had shown up in the Folders section of the LR Library on the left with a question mark on it. At the time I posted the screen grabs above, it was not there that I remember. I think what happened is that after many hours of work and frustration connecting bottom level folders (and maybe one in the Prime), I finally connected an image that triggered the appearance of the prime folder. Once the Prime showed with the question mark, it was a simple process to right click on it and locate it on my computer desktop and select it. When I did, the computer froze but LR icon shown in the "force quit" menu on the MAC wasn't red (denoting a shut down program for you PCers) so I just let it run. About two minutes later all the questionmarks were gone from LR. One reason the Prime folder hadn't shown up before could have been that I started reconnecting when LR had only one or two bottom level folders showing with no question marks. All of the ones in the screen grab above appeared as I located and selected specific images, none with questionmarks. I still have no answer to why selecting individual images in a folder after prolonged reconnecting stopped reconnecting the other images in the same folder. Maybe a buffer or cache full somewhere (see anothe unanswered forum question)? If all of this worked as I think it did, there might be an easy solution to bulk reconnecting in LR that anyone with disconnect problems can use. Change the name of your prime folder wherever it is located (outside of LR); Shut down LR and restart. Locate the folder in the Folder's section which now should have a questionmark on it, select it, locate it, select the folder in the locate menu and wait. Any opinions or refinements on this anyone wants to suggest? I hope never to have to use it but I'm thankful for the one opportunity after 3 days of frustration and sore mouse wrist.

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