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    Flex on tomcat/httpd

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      This may not be the correct forum to ask this question, but I've had no joy on the apached httpd forum.


      I have a flex application deployed on tomcat and accessed via the apached httpd web server. I need the application to be accessed via https and I have managed to configure httpd to do this. However I need to prevent users from accessing the site via http and I cannot get this to work. I'm starting to think that perhaps there is a problem with my flex configuration. Has anyone managed to do this and perhaps can you explain to me the steps you took to accomplish this.


      One thing that I have noticed is that I can't log out over http, but I can over https. That is, that when users log out, they are correctly rediected to the login page, when they have connected to the site via https, but not when they connect via http. When connect via http any attempt to log out will not rediect to the login page. I am using JAAS security.