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    How do I Change/adjust my mbps?


      Hello everyone. I am new to this wonderful software, and still learning the ropes.


      I make movies with games, and so far with every clip I put on Premiere pro, I get a terrible stutter/lag issue. The clip is smooth as gold, but when I play it on APP CS5 it lags. So I render the entire work area once or twice and then come across another problem, which happens not only when I play it but once it is exported too. It Stutters. Its like I attached the screen to the wing of a dragonfly. Hahaha


      So I looked it up and apparently someone else had a similar problem. He said that to fix it he lowered his 'mbps'. Please tell me... what is mbps? How can I change/Adjust it to lower it and get smoother video?


      Thanks for your time.