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    Upgrading to 30" monitor driven by GTX260 ... can i drive the 24" off a basic NVS295 card


      Hi there,  I'm looking to make a move over to Adobe Premiere and Photoshop as a next step.  Up front, I'm no pro, its more from an enthusiast point of view, I'll not be editing anything more that 1080p with basic effects.    


      I currently have a 24" monitor driven by a GTX260.    I'm wanting to increase the monitor to a 30", but it would be nice to have the 24" at its side as a preview/2nd monitor.   To drive the 30" I would need to have the twin DVI outputs on my current GTX260 card, leaving nothing for the 24".     However, I have a basic Quadro NVS295 sitting in a box.   Could that drive the 24"?


      How would that affect any GPU enhancements in Premiere ?  ( and potentially Photoshop )    As I understand it, GPU enhancements would work via the GTX260 and the text hack ( it seems to work via a trial of AE5.5 - will download trails of premiere soon to check before commiting) .  


      But would those enhancements be disabled as soon as I spread the application over onto the second monitor driven by the NVS295 card for an output preview? 


      Or would I be better to change to a single card that could drive both monitors?