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    Flash Builder 4.6  differences between debug version and apk release version


      I've been struggling for several days now.  I have a simple swf file that just says 'hello world' on a green background. It is written in Flash 8 actionscript 2. I've used the Flash Builder  actionscript mobile project and flex mobile project in both cases and  I can get it to download and display quite happily in the debug version on the desktop emulator and on my ASUS eee Pad Transformer Prime using a USB cable .  Thinking that all is ok I then 'export the release build'  and the result is a blank white screen on my tablet.


      I then did a simple Flex Project as per an adobe 'my first app' tutorial (hellow world!/Success!) and exported the release build with the same certificate I used before and it worked fine.


      So after all that my question is - what could be the reason that my tablet is quite able to run a debug version of my embedded swf file but not the apk release version of it?


      Any ideas?