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    PieChart Issue. Need Help.

    jerry98225 Level 1

      I am trying to show data in my pieChart. Everything works great if I have multiple fields in my dataprovide (ex: EmployeeA, EmployeeB..etc).

      The pie will be divided into pieces and have texts shown on each pieces.



      However, if my dataprovider only has one field (ex: EmployeeA). The pieChart will show the whole pie with no texts on the pieChart.

      I was wondering if there are any ways to show the data text inside the pieChart. Thanks a lot.






          <mx:PieChart id="piechart1" x="254" y="321" width="367" height="367"



          <mx:PieSeries id="pieSeries" labelFunction="pieFunction"

                        explodeRadius="0.05" field="EmployeeOverTime" labelPosition="inside"/>




          //EmployeeOverTime data will show on each pie pieces if I have multiple

          //employees in the department but won't show if the department has only one employee.