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    How can I file at last location rather than location of current file?


      I have Abobe Reader X.  In the old Adobe, when I saved a file, it took me to the last folder I was in, not the location of the current file.  Thus far, I have not been able to find out how to get Adobe Reader X to do this.  I even asked work help desk for help and their solution to unclick 'Automatically save document changes to temp file' worked once. 


      Is it possible?  This is what I want.




      I open file that is saved at Y:Scanned Files and save it at

      X:Dogs/Breeds/Hounds/Sighthounds/Basenjis.  I open the next file that is at Y:Scanned Files and click on File:Save As/PDF and window opens to save at Y:Scanned Files rather than at X:Dogs/Breeds/Hounds/Sighthounds/Basenjis, where I just was.  I want to save file at X:Dogs/Breeds/Hounds/Sighthounds/Afghans so instead of just one click, I now have to go through six.  Now imagine you have 30 or 40 documents you have to save.  That's minimum 180 clicks versus 30.  A big difference.  And if you multiply it further by daily and weekly, it's a lot.


      How can I get Adobe Reader X to open the 'save as' window at the last location rather than the current file's address?  I also have Adobe Acrobat, but can't figure out how to get it work in that either.


      I do not like Adobe Reader X.   Unfortunately, it got downloaded automatically at work. 


      Another complaint I have is when I have Adobe Acrobat open and I click on a pdf to open, rather than open in Adobe Acrobat, it opens in Adobe Reader X (which was not the case with the previous Reader).  If I want to open a doc in Acrobat, I have to go to Acrobat and File/Open, which is a pain.


      Another complaint is, why do you have 'save as' and then 'pdf' or 'text'?  This is another time consuming click I have to make.  Add it to the 180 I'm already making above and you can see why I'm extremely unhappy and frustated with this version of Adobe. 


      Please let me know if the above is feasible or not and if it is, how to do it.  If it isn't feasible, please make the above adjustments to Reader Y and put it out pronto.  Thank you.