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    Which GPU to get? 550ti/560//470/560ti?


      So, apparently I'm going to work more and more with video, so I'm gonna need hardware acceleration....I'm mostly working with 1080@25p AVCHD. I don't care that much if it takes a bit longer to export, as I' going to do that over the night, but I do want to be able to work without waiting for the PC. So, my rig atm is:

      AMD Phenom II 1055T@3.2ghz

      Gigabyte GA 870a motherboard

      4GB DDR3 (which I'm going to add another 8gb for a total of 12)

      Ati radeon HD3870

      three HDDs, one DVD

      650w psu


      Budget is set around 200€ and here are the candidates:

      Gtx 550Ti-115€

      Gtx 560-175€

      Gtx 470-175€

      Gtx 560Ti-205€


      So, what to get for the most bang for the buck?


      Thanks for your help,



      PS:I know that Adobe officially supports only 470(of these), and I also know for the hack to make any of them work.

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Even on a crippled system like that I suggest a 560 Ti, because that can be ported to your new Intel based system that you will need anyway.

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            ribafishfish Level 1

            How much of a difference are we talking about, between 560ti and 470/560? I'm not talking about the 560ti with 448 cores, its the normal ti with 384.


            I also forgot to add the X6 to the processor. I'm not planning on changing the whole setup soon, even if the AMD doesn't support SSE4.1.

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              RjL190365 Level 5

              Go with a 560 Ti even if it has 384 cores. This is because it can be ported to a newer, more current system. Also, future versions of Premiere after CS6 will require SSE 4.1 support just to even run at all.


              As for the GTX 470 and GTX 560 (non-Ti), it's now a case of "penny-wise, pound-foolish" (or just plain "pound-foolish" in the case of the GTX 470). Between the plain GTX 560 and the GTX 560 Ti, you get what you pay for: The plain GTX 560 can achieve a performance score of only around 120 seconds in the MPEG-2 DVD test in PPBM5, while the GTX 560 Ti can do the same test in 90-ish seconds (both scores are on an i7-2600K system overclocked to 4.4GHz). The GTX 470, at least in its reference form, is now relatively slow for its relatively high power draw: That GPU tends to heat up nearly all the way to its maximum safe temperature during the MPEG-2 DVD test in PPBM5. As a result, the reference GTX 470 is barely faster than a non-Ti GTX 560 in that particular test.

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                ribafishfish Level 1

                Just a quick check...I found somebody selling his gtx580 for 260€...I guess this would be the best choice/value for money atm? Also, prices dropped a bit and I can get 560ti for 185€ new. The used one is also no longer covered by warranty. I guess the 580 is still the way to go, right?