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    iPad app screen dimensions


      This is my first shot at creating an iPad app with FlashBuilder. Only one puzzling thing so far, and I can't see anything about it:


      My iPad app in landscape is 748 high, not 768 - hence, it has white bands top and bottom. I'm using the Flex 4.5.1 SDK. Portrait is 1004 high, same bands. My run configurations do in fact say that the "Usable" landscape is 1024x748 - there is only one config for iPad and it's not editable. Obviously, though, the device itself doesn't agree and seems to be looking for 1024x768. Why is this?


      Do I have to update my run configurations to include an iPad2 profile, or switch to SDK 4.6?


      Note: My main file does begin with the [SWF(width="1024", height="768"] statement, and is set to FULL_SCREEN_INTERACTIVE.



      Thanks for any help.

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          tfair Level 1

          I guess it wasn't such a simple question --  no answer after 3 days. Happily I found the solution. So for the sake of concluding this: I upgraded the ActonScript Compiler to SDK 4.6. Now fills the iPad screen.


          A further note: anyone who encounters this same issue and upgrades to SDK 4.6 may find that upon publishing, there is a warning that some AIR SDK libraries are required. The warnng contains a link to a page with very clear instructions about how to download the missing iOS configuration libraries and manually install them (without completely reinstalling FlashBuilder).