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    When / where to render - workflow question.

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      I did try a couple of searches but did not seem to hit what I am looking for.


      I am a relativly new convert to Premiere Pro, came over from the Sony world.


      Purchased a EVGA GTX560 last week (used to be radeon based) and I am in awe. Loving things so far.


      Anyway, the last few projects I did were all web based, so no need to burn actual media. Just finished a project and exported it to Encore. Stumbled through Encore and managed to get a simple Menu based BD ready to burn. Then I selected build and it ran and ran and ran. It was making progress, just very slowly.


      So my question, what is the typical "best practices" worklow.


      Do I need to render it from Premiere first ? It seems to render much faster there, then just import the rendered file into Encore ? Or am I missing some sort of setting in Encore that will make it render as fast as in Premiere Pro ?


      Some details on the project.


      All HD, some from a HF20 (1080i(30P/60i)) and some from a Canon T3i, DSLR, 1080 30p. I have a couple of AE comps in the timeline but 80% is straight Premiere edits, color correction, transitions, etc. Total length is 42 minutes.