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    Adobe is standing behind their product


      I purchased the teacher/student edition of adobe Creative Suite 5 Design Premium.  The description said for one teacher & 3 students so there should be 4 applications.  So far, I have installed two applications and there should be two applications left.  When I tried to install a third application I received an error message stating that I had already  installed two apps and that was all I was allowed. I contacted adobe twice and reached people that could only quote the EULA for standard software. 


      Why would I be asked to submit three student ID’s for the teacher/student edition if only one student can use this at a time.  What do I need to do to be able to install the four apps as stated when I purchased the software.  One cannot teach three students in a classroom setting if only one student and the teacher is allowed access to the software.  They suggested I buy a license for multiple computers.  I'm sorry but--I thought I did that with the three student edition.  I am SO frustrated! Their customer service sucks!

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          Sorry you're running into difficulties.  I've never heard of anything like that before - what teacher/student version are you referring to, can you post a link to the page you purchased it from?


          Each Adobe education edition typically offer use for one person on up to two computers... 


          There may be four different applications within a given suite, but they cannot be spread over four different systems.


          For example, CS6 Design Standard contains Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, and InDesign - but they have to stay installed together.


          If it's not what you wanted, then Adobe does have a 30-day Return Policy you could use to get a refund if you're truly unhappy with your purchase.