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    what is the spacing for default SpryAccordion?

    Johnny the boy Level 1

      I have created a website that has a menu navigation using a Spry Accordion.  This Spry Accordion is used for the front page of the website.  When someone selects a link from the main menu then I would like them to go to a sub section of the main site.  This sub section does not require a Spry Accordion menu but I still want to construct the sub section menu using the same style (spacing) used for the Spry Accordion.


      A Spry Accordion is not needed for the sub section because the sub section menu is less complex.  For the menu of the sub section I would like to use an unordered list that has been styled to mimic the spacing of my Spry Accordion menu but I am having difficulty figuring out how to space the <ul> list for the sub section menu correctly.


      Any tips on how the default Spry Accordion is spaced (when none of the Panels are expanded)?