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    Adobe Fireworks CS5: A way to change an existing slideshow export image width and height?


      I have an existing slide show with 8 albums with numerous images in each.  They have all been carefully labeled and sorted and placed.


      The export image size was set, at one time, to 800 x 600 and everything displayed splendedly..


      After just adding another album, all of a sudden, the images are displayed as 320 x 240.  I have not idea why this is and I can't seem to figure out how to change this without creating the entire slideshow from scratch because the fields for the image size are greyed out...


      Can someone please let me know where I would find this knowledge?  I'm not very well versed in webdesign and only have this site and gallery using dreamwaever and fireworks through brute force...


      Very appreciative of any help!