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    How Do I Use Twixtor?


      hey ok so i have downloaded and installed the twixtor trial and i have these red x's showing up like every 5 seconds and i also dont know how to accuratley use the plug in, please help!

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          dh91 Level 1

          The red x's are probably there because it is a trial only.


          I imagine Twixtor came with a manual, I would take a look at that. If not, then there are countless tutorials and resources on the internet that should get you up to speed.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            As Dan said, you downloaded a demeo version. If you need the marks to go away, you buy the plug-in. And Dan is also correct that it comes with a documentation folder. RevisionFX also maintain a tutorial section plus you can no doubt find tons of slo-mo tutorials just by typing in a web search....