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    New Overlay Creator tools (Pullout Tabs)

    ryanpennone Level 1

      Hello DPS community,
      My question is in regards to the new tools available in DPS. I have created my folio for my senior degree project over the last few months. I have a 3rd generation iPad that I am previewing my project with the new version of Content Viewer.

      I would like to use some of the new tools available in the latest version of the Overlay Creator, mostly for the new pan & zoom features like those Pullout Tabs Adobe has shared with us on the DPS tips app. However my Overlay Creator panel must not be up to date because it does not display these new functions like Scrollable Frame. How can I update my Overlay Creator Panel so that I can take advantage of these new features? Do I just run an update on InDesign or do I have to download a new version of the Overlay Creator? Also will updating the Overlay Creator Panel negatively effect my overall project in any way? I am a little hesitant to update because everything works well as is and I don't want to break it and go into freakout mode. Has anyone had any experiences updating to the new tools, any problems while previewing or creating on InDesign. I am waiting to hear back before I attempt to update.

      Thanks in advance,