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    See Also Style




      I am using RH8 and when creating a See Also, realise the font colour cannot be changed.

      I found this post http://forums.adobe.com/message/471145#471145 with instuctions to add an image and hyperlink it to a javascript.

      I am not at all computer savvy and am not very familiar with javascript. Although I thought I had followed the instruction, when I compile the CHM guide and test it, the Internet Explorer Script Error window displays with the error the following error:

      Line: 1

      Char: 1

      Error: 'object1' is undefined

      Code: 0


      Is there something I am missing from the instructions?

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          Amebr Level 4

          You need to have a look at the HTML code for your see also button and see what ID it has. It'll look something like this:



          <object CLASSID="clsid:A2F1FA63-C1E6-11d2-9140-006DC83B9955"



          style="margin-top: 0px;

          margin-bottom: 0px;

          margin-left: 0px;

          margin-right: 0px;

          vertical-align: baseline;"



          The bit after ID is what you need in the javascript so something like the below, depending what text occurs:







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            WriterDelly Level 1



            I had checked that I had the right ID (object1) in this case, as I noticed Rick's post, but thanks for the help.


            If you can think of anything else, please let me know.



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              Amebr Level 4

              Can you post the code? Perhaps there's a typo somewhere causing it that fresh eyes might spot?

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                WriterDelly Level 1



                Here goes:

                <!--Metadata type="DesignerControl" startspan
                <object classid="clsid:A2F1FA63-C1E6-11d2-9140-006DC83B9955" border="0"
                   id="object1" style="margin-top: 0px; margin-bottom: 0px; margin-left: 0px;
                   margin-right: 0px;" align="bottom">
                <param name="_Version" value="65536"  />
                <param name="_ExtentX" value="1323"  />
                <param name="_ExtentY" value="556"  />
                <param name="_StockProps" value="13"  />
                <param name="ForeColor" value="0"  />
                <param name="BackColor" value="15790320"  />
                <param name="UseButton" value="0"  />
                <param name="UseText" value="0"  />
                <param name="ControlLabel" value="See Also"  />
                <param name="UseIcon" value="0"  />
                <param name="Items" value="Guide$$**$$"  />
                <param name="Image" value=""  />
                <param name="FontInfo" value="Verdana,10,0,,"  />
                <param name="_CURRENTFILEPATH" value="C:\LOCAL GUIDES\Sample_Guide\Guide_conventions.htm"
                <param name="_ID" value="object1"  />
                <param name="DialogDisplay" value="1"  />
                <param name="Frame" value=""  />
                <param name="Window" value=""  />
                <param name="ChmFile" value=""  />
                <param name="DisableJump" value="0"  />
                  <param  name="Command"  value="ALink,MENU" />
                  <param  name="Font"  value="Verdana,10,0,," />
                  <param  name="Frame"  value="" />
                  <param  name="Item1"  value="" />
                  <param  name="Item2"  value="Guide" />

                <!--Metadata type="DesignerControl" endspan-->
                <a href="javascript:object1.Click();"><img src="2012_related_topics.gif"
                            alt="" style="border: none;"
                            width="95" height="25" border="0" /></a></p>


                Thanks for your help.



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                  Amebr Level 4

                  The second OBJECT tag is missing the ID. So if you just add it in it should work. I think double-clicking on the hidden control and clicking OK would probably add it in automatically.

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                    WriterDelly Level 1



                    Thanks for all your help.


                    Double-clicking the hidden control doesn't work.


                    By second object tag, do you mean?:




                    <param name="Command" value="ALink,MENU" />

                    <param name="Font" value="Verdana,10,0,," />

                    <param name="Frame" value="" />

                    <param name="Item1" value="" />

                    <param name="Item2" value="Guide" />



                    I tried to add it in there, but it is removed each time. By the way, as background, from <!--Metadat...a to the first </object>-- appears green. The second <object... to </object> appears in the usual multi-colored HTML and then the <!--Metadata endspan is green again.


                    Could you show me the corrected entry?



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                      Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      Hi all


                      If memory serves, that's a bug that version 8 introduced. I believe that It strips out the tag. Unfortunately, you will probably struggle with this a bit.


                      Cheers... Rick


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                        WriterDelly Level 1

                        Hi Rick


                        Thanks. That gives me more weight for upgrading to RH9.


                        Looks like I will have to give up with this one for now.





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                          Amebr Level 4

                          Ah, you triggered a memory.


                          I tracked down the thread and there are a couple of scripts posted - although I haven't tried to  download them, so can't guarantee that they are still available as listed. Or possibly they are available on Peter Grainge's site - www.grainge.org - he has the most amazing repository of RH knowledge on the planet.


                          Related Topics control via "JavaScript:RelatedTopics.Click" broken in RH8



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                            WriterDelly Level 1

                            Thanks for the thread. I downloaded the scripts and they will do as a work around. We use both CHM and WebHelp and the scripts worked for each one.


                            Thanks again for all your help. I was sure I had added everything ok and was going crazy!