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    So will Premiere Pro run on my 2011 MBP?

    Luvfilm Level 1

      I am pretty jazzed about the next version of CS6.  I was reading over some of the information on Adobe's site about what is supported.

      I have a 15 inch MPB. It is the early 2011 model.  I got it in August 2011.  It runs CS5.5 great from my short experience using it.  From how I see it, my Macbook doesn't seem to have

      the specs that are listed.  Does that mean that CS6 won't run at all, will be a dog, or be very limited in how it is able to run on my computer?  It has the i7.  It has the AMD 6490M.  256 VRam.

      Anyway, thanks for any help here.