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    What about aerender.exe?

    Andres Borghi

      Hi! This is not a question but a suggetsion. Maybe some others have made it and maybe it's silly or something but I think it's something important.


      Once a friend (after fx user) told theres was a little piece of software called aerender.exe that allowed you to make renders outside after fx and thus you could keep working on the program at the same time, and it also didn't consume as much memory while working. It was like making the render through a DOS window. This soft is inside after fx folder in program files.


      He explained me how to use it but it was no use. I can't program DOS and since any mistake would make it fail, it was quite hard to prepare the renders in aerender.exe.


      So, my question is:

      Since this render program is so useful, fast and memory low; how is it that afterfx doesnt include an option to trhow the renders through this soft separately so we don't have to write in DOS? something like preparing your render queue in afterfx and the launching it in aerender?


      that's what I wonder.


      thanks for reading