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    Validate or calculate one text field in form

    creditunion123 Level 1

      I have a form (several pages long) which has the same text field name on each page.  I have to have the same text field name as it is pulling the information from another source.

      Example:  Page 1 has text field FormValues.accountNames_1


      Page 2 has the same text field. 


      I want to do two things really


      Seperate the fields so they are not really linked.  The script will fill in the fields from each page seperately from the javascript inside the program


      I will try to show example as I know I will not explain well



      Page 1


      Sponsoring Members






      All sponsoring members listed on page 1 will automatically be signing authorities.They will prefill in from the web program.  Staff are to delete those prefilled names IF one of the signors is not to be a sponsoring member.  Lets say the person that fills into FormValues.accountNames_3 is deleted by staff from page 1


      On page 2 we set up account authorization


      So again there is a list of signors






      For each of these I need to tick if they are an Authorized Signatory or Authorized User


      At present, if I delete out accountNames_3 on page 1 it also deletes out accountNames_3 on page 2.  I do not want that.  I want them to be mutually exclusive.


      I then want to state that IF accountNames_3 IS NOT listed on page 1, then tick the box Authorized Signor


      Is there anyway to do that in Adobe PDF (not LiveCycle)


      Any help would be appreciated