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    is this tool good?

    katabullet12 Level 1

          like to know.

      hey guys, i am new to the internet but not lost, and not so cool too to forums. but i will try to explain what i think about a the site i got www.surfanonymous-free.com

        its is a freeware that acts like vpn too, but the difference is that it is a software and its ip rotative, while vpn is not.

        it requires just a simple downloads and installation for a free usage of demo version which is limited in countries.

          i learned from a friend that it was quite good in hiding your ip, or using it anonymously in surfing the internet, he told me that if i can download the software and try to use the demo version, it will help allot in playing internet games and others. then i was so anxious to get into the site. after installing it, i learned it was not quite good as i was told, could it be so because of the demo version i was using?, it was very slow and made me to interrupt my connection thinking it was my LAN. but then, i also discovered it has an advantage of renewing ip address in any pr-estimated time u program it to.i think that advantage still has a problem ; what if u manage to get a suitable ip address in progress and u love it, then it just changes to a bad or poor ip address? (that would be disastrous).

      my first experience of using the software was really interesting.

      i learn and felt the difference it will bring to my course (couldn't spot this out), but i believe it was different from other manual ip addresses. still i am kind of in a doubt here (not sure if this will help me, thou my trial v got better in speed later on). one more thing i wouldn't have love about the tool is the fact that i couldn't realize the presence of flocks browser and some other cool browsers too, (Firefox is an exception) i downloaded the software from the site: http://www.surfanonymous-free.com/download.html directly, so i believe i ve got all updates. i would really love for it to work out with flock browser cus that's my primary browser.

         in a nut-shell, it was really great in experiencing the tools as in demo, was just thinking of how good it shall be in pro. i would like it  allot if all the ip's are complying well and more borwsers are caught up with dates.

        what do you guys think about the site??