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    Help need on navigation or hyperlink

      Hi everyone i am new to using director and am currently doing a project. Anyway i was woundeirng if there is any possible way you can navigate through heading?

      For example i am inputing information into a field with headings and was hoping to list the heading outside the field as well so users could click to access keypoints of information quicker?

      Is this possible or is there any other way around such as using drop down box or sumit?

      Hope you can help remember im a newbie to director and am using 2004 mx!


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          dave1816 Level 1
          just found some detail on hiliteing text will this possibly work when clicking a command? Code example below

          This statement causes highlighted text within the sprite for field myRecipes to be displayed without highlighting:

          myLineCount = member("myRecipes").line.count
          member("myRecipes").line[myLineCount + 1].hilite()
          See also
          • 2. Help need on navigation or hyperlink
            Do you want to jump to information - like a target in HTML? If so it would use the on hyperlinkClicked me command.


            on hyperlinkClicked me, data
            if (data) starts "mailto:" then
            gotoNetPage (data)

            else if (data) starts " http://" then
            gotoNetPage (data), "_new"

            go _movie.label(data)
            end if


            It checks to see if you want it to jump to a web site, an email, or it jumps to a Marker.