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    Graphic quality in project imported from word/graphics disappear from compiled chm


      I've been searching for a means of importing graphic quality when importing a word doc with graphics to rh. Linking the graphic files in word instead of embedding them seemed to be an effective solution. But only when compiling to web help. Oddly enough, when I compile to a chm (after importing the word doc, and the linked graphics displaying in rh), all the linked graphics disappear - from rh, from the word document, and even from the graphics folder where they were saved. It is the strangest thing. I've tested this extensively in RH8, and somewhat in RH9. Does anyone have any advice regarding this or know if Adobe is planning on solving this major bug? Has anyone found an efficient way of improving graphic quality (especially of screen captures that were resized) other than manually inserting them in the RH project?  TIA.

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