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    rh8 import from word - toc links and all other links don't link to top of page


      When I convert the TOC in a word document in RH, all the links (from the TOC or any other links in the doc) being created are linking to the topic title, instead of just to the topic:

      1. e.g. href="CreateLineOfSight.htm #CreateLineOfSight">CreateLineOfSight</a></p></td>

      As a result, whenever the topic is longish, opening the topic from the link displays it with the title at the top of the screen and the breadcrumbs hidden.

      If I change the link to: href="CreateLineOfSight.htm">CreateLineOfSight</a></p></td> - without the #link , it opens properly.

      Does anyone know how to import from Word so that it links to the top of the page as I require.


      I was advised on this forum that while Auto-creating TOC I can "un-check the option to "Create TOC pages for mid topic links bookmarks" and then click OK then you will see a cleaner TOC which always links to top of the page", which was completely accurate. Is there no way to achieve the same setting in a toc that is automatically converted from a word doc?  TIA.