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    Sony .MTS File



      Had a Sony Digital 8 camcorder worked fine using Firewire under Premiere 7

      Purchased new Sony CX730E Full HD Flash Memory Camcorder

      Files downloaded from Memory Card have .MTS extension

      I have Premiere Elements 7 running on Intel single processor Windows XP Home

      When files loaded to new Project Timeline these have to be rendered first to remove red line before editing

      is reasonably possible.

      The Movie Format in new camcorder is HD:1920X1080/50p(PS),25p(FX,FH),50i(FX,FH),1440X1080/50i


      I have tried various Video File Formats under AVCHD and others in New Project settings but none

      load without the red line.

      Having an HD 16:9 screen TV I wish to make best use for quality pictures.

      Please advise what settings to use or do I need to upgrade - if so to what (software and/or hardware)?

      If I export to DVD do I loose some of the quality or do I need to use Bluray?  I do have the hardware to do this.