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    "Drag and Drop [public library] book to NOOK"


      In trying to debug a "Loan token not found" problem, I came across a reply to Jobrarian from Jim Lester back in January 2012.  Jobrarian listed the steps she would use to download a public library e-book into ADE for a NOOK.  Step 9 was "Drag and Drop book to NOOK."  Jim's comment was to add "(within/using ADE)" and he emphasized "that this needs to be done in ADE".  I have not discovered how to do this "within ADE."  I have been dragging and dropping the downloaded book from "My Digital Documents" folder to the NOOK as a removable storage device.  And winding up with the infamous "Loan token not found" error when I try to open the book in my NOOK Touch.  What am I missing here?  Thanks..

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          What you may be misunderstanding is the way you do a 'drag and drop'.  That

          goes back to how the ebook reader and ADE link up, so let me go over that.

          No offense intended.


          You should attach your ereader to your computer (I'll assume a Windows PC)

          and make sure that the PC recognizes it and gives it a drive letter.  The

          Nook should display information that it's connected as well.  Then, start

          ADE.  During its startup, ADE looks for attached ereaders, and when it

          finds them, it displays them on the bookshelf panel of the Library view

          (the left hand side).  You'll see a small entry that represents your Nook.

          Then, just put your cursor on the ebook in the library, hold it down and

          'drag and drop' it to the entry that represents your Nook.  A couple of

          screens will flash as ADE makes the transfer, and your Nook will tell you

          that it's receiving the entry.  Then, when you've finished dragging and

          dropping ebooks to the Nook, you need to disconnect it logically from the

          PC (before you shut down ADE).  You can do that by using Windows Explorer

          (NOT Internet Explorer): look at all of the devices attached to your

          computer (including all of the drives), find the one that's your Nook, and

          right click on it.  Select 'Eject' from that menu.  This disconnects the

          Nook logically from your computer.  You can use the icon on the far right

          hand side of the START bar that shows 'Safely Remove Hardware' when you put

          your cursor on it also.  Right click on that icon and you'll see a list of

          drives.  Click on the drive letter that represents your Nook and it will be



          Once the Nook is disconnected logically, its screen should show that it's

          processing new content.  When it stops doing that, you can unplug it and

          you're done.


          The loan token is a library issue, not an ADE issue.  Somewhere back in

          their software, the loan token is not being set.  You should talk to the

          library's technical support folks about that.  And don't let them give you

          b-s about ADE dropping it: all ADE does is to look for it in the library's



          Hope this helps!



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            YES!!!!!!!!!!  Why didn't somebody explain this to me 2 weeks ago!  The

            NOOK support was of no help whatever.  Thank you, thank you and thank you!!


            Jim Bachman

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              I got the answer from "Frustrated in AZ".  I should have been dragging the library book icon in ADE to the NOOK bar on the left side of ADE and dropping it there, NOT to the NOOK on the removable device page.  I thank him for his prompt response.