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    Creating an index with Acrobat Pro 8 on a Mac


      I've got Acrobat Pro 8 on my Mac OS X Lion system and have been trying to learn how to create an index. Found something that explains how to do it using the menu command Advanced/Document Processing/Manage Embedded Index but that menu item doesn't exist on my system. The only menu items in the Document Processing menu I have are Batch Processing, Number Pages, Page Transitions and Bates Numbering.


      Any idea why the index command doesn't show or maybe on the Mac it's in a different place?


      Is the way that indexes are built on the Mac version of Acrobat Pro 8 different from Windows version of Acrobabt Pro 8?


      Any idea why there seem to be missing menu options on my Mac Acrobat Pro install?






      ps - to be specific I have version 8.1.7 of Acrobat Pro on my Mac OS X 10.7.3 system