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    Output format problem.


      Hey guys! You've always helped me out and I hope you can help me out with this problem I have.

      I was asked to give two videos a specific output, one of them I developed in After Effects, the other is a Quicktime (.MOV) video.

      I'm actively trying but I can't seem to figure out how to deliver the exact requirements they're asking of me. Here goes.

      My animation on AE was made at 720x480, Square pixels.

      The .MOV is at (according to QuickTime Inspector) 720x486 (640x480) Linear PCM. At 29.97 FPS, 53.62 Mbit/s Current Size 648x480.


      Their requirements are:

      Wrapper: Quicktime Selfcontained

      Header: ALIS

      Scan: Interlaced

      Field Dominance: Lower field

      Compressor: DVCPRO 50

      Bit Rate: 50 Mnps

      FPS: 29.97

      Codec Audio: PCM

      Aspect Ratio: 4:03


      They're asking for Betacam format.

      I have, honestly no idea how to get all those requirements in the file.

      I can output it compressed by DVCPRO50 from AE, but I can't alter the Bitrate and the aspect is changed to 0.91, I have no idea how to get the PCM audio codec, or how to change the field dominance.

      I've been using AE for a while now, but I've never been asked to get a different format other than Quicktime with H264 compression.


      I'm sorry this is so long, but, I hope you guys can help me out on how to get these specifications on these files. Wether it can be done directly from AE, or if I have to use Adobe Media Encoder, or something of the sort.

      If you need ANY information I haven't given you, please let me know.

      Thanks for your attention!!