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    endash and curly quote HTML errors

      I inherited a large knowledge base at my job that was using RoboHelp x5. It hadn't been worked on for more than a year when I started, so the first thing I did was upgrade to RoboHelp 7. (I am a total Robohelp beginner; been learning on my own since starting her in Jan. 08) The first time I generated an output and published the knowledge base in 7, we began to discover the project is riddled with <&endash;> and <&rdquor;> HTML errors. RH x5 version read the endash and curly quotes fine and displayed the characters.

      What can I do now? Is there a global find and replace? What's also weird is that the endash looks OK in the RoboHelp viewer. The curly quote does show up wrong in the RH viewer as <”r;>.

      Any help or insight would be much appreciated. Thanks!