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    Glue clips in premier elements


      I edited a few videos into one long video in premier elements, and now I need to add several effects, and adjust the peremeters to all the cuts I made. I don't want to do it one by one, and was wondering if it was possible to glue all of the edits together to make one long, editible clip. It won't let me select all of the edits and then adjust the effects, and right clicking then grouping doesn't work either.

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          Nash_John Level 3

          Hey, i am not sure about glue

          but if you are talking about applying same effects and same parameters to all the clips you can use this simple technique of saving your effects as a new preset:


          1) Apply all the effects to a single clip, open properties panel (button below monitor) and make changes to effect's parameters, if you want.

          2) Select all the effects(shift-select) in the properties panel, that you want to apply to all the other clips.

          3) Right click on the selected effects and select 'Save Preset' from right click menu

          4) Give a name and save the preset

          5) Now select other clip, go to Edit->Effects

          6) In the Video Effects drop down select My Presets

          7) Your saved preset will come.

          8) Just apply that preset to all other clips, all your effects(with their parameters) will get applied

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