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    Script to reset the icon of a button

    critter_monster Level 1

      Hi I want to create an Acrobat X form where the user inserts a client logo in a field. I found a script online that will let the users browse for a logo-- it works because the field is set up as a button, and the script lets the user choose an icon for the button. Hence, it looks like the client's logo was added. The users don't know, and don't have to know, that it's a button.


      Here's what it was:



      It works great, but when it's time to reset the form, this particular field isn't listed in the normal "reset a form" method (because it's not a text field, I assume).


      Can someone help me out with a little scripty fix? I'm not experienced in scripting at all and might not even have that part of the brain


      I'm on Mac, just FYI.  thanks!!