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    Flash has had its day , use HTML5, so what prog do I now use ?

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      I am told :-

      Flash has had its day !   future active content on our website will be with HTML5 tools which allow for all the same functions.

      Flash is buggy or inoperative on portable devices which already account for nearly 15% of our traffic, this is predicted to rise to as much as 50% in the next few years.


      I am not aware of HTML5 at all, tha testifies how often they let me out of here !


      I start to google this and see that Adobe have Wallaby to convert swf to html5, but reading the table of what works, and what doesnt, it seems like only dumb basic things will translate over, its full of semi or unsupported functions. Importantly AS3 code is not supported, as well as a host of other things that surely make flash the clever thing that it is. I create maps with coding for buttons that open other parts of the map, coding that allows zoom and pan and so on. I have artwork with raster images in it of vehicles, the artwork has to look realistic. Table says coding and raster images unsupported.


      If Flash is to be put down, and Adobe cant even get the table to be full of supported aspects, what hope is there ?


      What can anyone tell me about how I use HTML5 to create artwork from scratch, or to get these intelligent files converted to HTML5 ?

      If I wish to alter a file later on, I asume I open the Flash fla, make the changes, then convert it to HTML5 again and go through again any hell holes the first conversion saw.


      If portable devices are responsible for the demise of Flash, is that not the tail wagging the dog ?


      IMPORTANTLY....are there programs that create HTML5 files like Flash creates from scratch its files ? It will need such to be able to draw the artwork. 


      I was told you can create HTML5 with notepad, no way could I draw my artwork with notepad ! People would need to be Spock !


      I create the vector content in Adobe (formerly Macromedia) Freehand (better than Illustrator) and so would need a prog that imported Freehand files. I currently use Flash8 to do so then migrate to CS5.


      Is it that a HTML5 file creating program exists and one needs to start from scratch on a file and this will then be able to do the clever things that coding and flash can do, and it will allow use of raster images ?  What is that program ?


      I read that Flash 10.1 is less of a CPU hog than Flash 10 and in act is better at times than HTML5  Apple have made a business move and caused this it seems.


      I am using Flash Pro CS5, so what is this 10.1 ?


      I put HTML5 into the forum search window and found nothing, a little surprised at that.