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    Parsley 2.4.1 with Cairngorm Navigation 1.7 issue



      I'm using Cairngorm Navigation 1.7 with Parsley 2.4.1 and I'm pretty much using it the way it's described here:

      http://sourceforge.net/adobe/cairngorm/wiki/HowToUseCairngormNavigatio n/

      For each tab we have controllers with an [EnterInterceptor] and an [ExitInterceptor] method.

      The signature of these methods is as follows:


              public function exitInterceptor(processor:MessageProcessor):void

      Our ToggleButtonBar dispatches the following when an item click is invoked: dispatchEvent(NavigationEvent.createNavigateToEvent(item.eventName));

      item.eventName is the destination of the new tab.

      If I'm in tab A and I'm trying to move to tab B, the [ExitInterceptor] method for the controller of tab A is invoked, however
      when I try to access "processor.message.destination" I get the name of the current tab (A) as opposed to the tab I'm trying to navigate to (B)

      Is this a bug or am I missing something?