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    Fireworks Common Library - Can I change the location to the network?


      We are making the transition from PhotoShop to Fireworks and I would like to change the location of the Fireworks Common Library. Ideally we would locate it on the network so multiple designers can use it. Is it possible? Perhaps there is a text config file that I can change?


      If anyone has any other workflow advice that would be great. I want the transition to be as smooth as possible.



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          This is quoting from a post (circa 2009) on the Fireworks Guru forum, which may or may not still apply:


          FW does not support network locations for the common library - the common library is currently limited to the computer's local file system... No matter where you store the symbols, when you change or modify them it is a manual process to make sure that the new, updated symbols are copied into either the document library of the templates or to the common library of all computers that need access to the symbols.




          If it's not possible to accomplish your goal within the application, I wonder if there might be another type of automated solution? Certainly, users could manually update their Common Library folder by replacing it with the version on your network. However, if multiple designers were actively modifying the contents of a single Common Library, I think that would require a check-in/check-out system of some sort?


          You may also be interested in commands or extensions like the following:




          Not sure if this would work for you, but it's in the right ballpark, I think.