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    using as a COM-object

    Yuri "AzX" Chetverikov

      Hello gurus,


      Is it possible to use Adobe Indesign as a COM-object? Can I do it remotely?

      Will it be okay or should i buy Adobe Indesign Server for these purposes?


      Thank you.


      p.s. I'm developing a small webapp and i want to use Indesign.

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          John Hawkinson Level 5

          (I've moved this thread to the InDesign Scripting forum).


          Technically, yes, you can access InDesign as COM object.

          The documentation Adobe provides is for VBscript, though you can use other COM languages.

          I don't know about remotely.


          Is it OK? Well, probably not. Read the EULA carefully, but controlling InDesign via a web application would appear to violate the terms of use. Check with your counsel.

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