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    pageToOpen for opening PDF not working

    Graham vdR Level 1

      Hi there


      I’m trying to create a looping function that will open each page in a multi-page PDF, do some things, then save and close the document. However, the pageToOpen property of the PDFFileOptions object seems to be having no effect—I am prompted to select a page each time.


      Here is my code so far:


      var fileRef = File.openDialog('Please select the file to be imported:');

      var pdfOptions = app.preferences.PDFFileOptions;

      pdfOptions.pDFCropToBox = PDFBoxType.PDFBOUNDINGBOX;


      for(i = 0; i < 10; i++){

          pdfOptions.pageToOpen = i + 1;

          if (fileRef != null) {

              var myDoc = open(fileRef, DocumentColorSpace.RGB);




      I’m using Illustrator CS4 on Windows 7.


      I’d appreciate any insights.