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    Auto lauch application on system startup




      I am running into a issue where I need to set/unset, the auto launch of my application on System startup programatically.


      I am using :



           NativeApplication.nativeApplication.startAtLogin = model.isAutoLaunchSelected;


      Which is working fine for the case of native installer. But does not seems to be work when I try to create a bundle.


      I am using Air 3.2 Sdk for the development.


      When I try to set this on the bundled release, it throws an exception


      Error #2014: Feature is not available at this time.


      It seems like the OS does not treat the bundled release as an application, which might be causing the issue.


      Is there any workaround for handling this?


      Any help regarding this issue will be great.



      -Thanks and Regards

      Vikash kumar