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    Large .wmv file size


      I hope I can explain this without confusion.   If I'm not clear, please let me know.


      I recorded a recital on a SONY Camcorder with .mts output.  Two songs were on one .mts file and one song on another.  They are all in the same project with different Sequences.  The Seqence settings as far as I know are the same on all three.  I just use the presets shown below.  I did not change these settings:


      Here are the property sheets for two files, a small format (left) and the large format:




      Note the frame width and height on the right.


      Before making the large format movie, I opened another project to create an .mp3.  Then I reverted back to the Export settings for a movie:


      This shows Windows Media that I am using now, and think it is what I used previously because it gives me .wmv format.  Maybe that is the problem, I don't know, but I want 720 by 480 frame size for consitency and also because for some reason I cannot FTP this to a remote server.  It always cuts out at 61%.


      Thank you for any help.

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          deimosphobos Level 2

          Not really sure what your question is but assuming you are wondering if the file is too large, it isn't. 69mb seems right for what you are exporting. My guess is that the remote server has a limitation on either total space allowed or on max file sizes or on max transmission.


          You can reduce the file size by either lowering the bitrate or the frame size or both.

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            MarkASam888 Level 1



            Lowering the frame size is what I need, but don't see how to do that.  I looked at different presets, but didn't see any change.


            Thank you and God Bless,

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              deimosphobos Level 2

              In the last picture above, there are 5 tabs, just past half way down, Filters, Audiences, Video, Audio and FTP.


              You currently have the Audio tab selected, click on the Video tab, then scroll down in the video box, there will be frame rate, bitrate etc.


              Good luck.

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                MarkASam888 Level 1



                I set the frame rate to 720x480 and only save a couple MB in the file size (65,890 KB), however its output in Windows Media Player looks correct.  The movie is only a 1:48 length where the other is 46,932 KB and 4:01 length.  So I guess I will need to play with the bitrate maybe?  I don't understand how these settings changed. I don't recall ever setting them so the defaults should be intact.


                God Bless,