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    Resource Manager and Images




      I upgraded to RH9 (from RHX5) and very happily started to use both the Snippet and Resource Manager functionality.


      I seem to have hit a mental block despite reading the help and looking up this forum regarding updating images in the resource manager .....


      I have multiple projects and the same image is used throughout the projects - sometimes only once in a project and sometimes multiple times in the same project.


      Lets say this image is called Picture1.gif - due to program re-design I now need to update Picture1.gif.


      Picture1.gif is stored in Resource Manager and as it is linked then a copy is also stored in my project.


      I delete the old image, create a new image, rename it to the original name Picture1.gif and drag it to Shared Resources and then drag it back again so that it is linked.

      Despite the back and forth steps this does in fact work - the image is updated in other projects as expected.

      However, if an image appears in a project multiple times then I have to change it everywhere before I can rename it,  etc. etc.


      I feel quite sure that I am missing something here and that the whole process should be simpler!!

      I would have expected somehow to be able to update the image in the resource manger and then sync.